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 To all Teleseni players

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PostSubject: To all Teleseni players    Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:02 pm


I hope I am not stepping on any toes when posting this.

I represent the pokersite called pointpoker and we have noticed how Telesina has been growing in popularity.
I have tried the game myself and I know why a lot of scandinavien players have started to play this game.
There are a lot of cash to be made Smile

What we at pointpoker would like to do is to create a home for both affiliates and players who have these Telesina players.
We hope to be able to create special rake races with cash in the prize pool as well as live event like the PUnta Cana Classic 2010 in Dominian Republic
and another live tour in Croatia. These deals will be just for telesina affiliates and their players.

Now with Entraction getting their own italien licens you will see more italien players on the Entraction network so this is really
good news for all Telesina lovers.

So to admin of this page and to all affiliates and players I would love to come in touch with you guys.
If we are able to gather enough players under one roof I belive we can create a really great place for your players in forms of races and rakeback deals.
The affiliates can have a great commission and make a profit while have a good product to advertise to other telesina players.

I know this is a far shot but I just want to have an open channel with more teleseni players and affiliates.
I think there are too little focus on telesina today and anything that can help the community grow and be more fun is good.

Feel free to contact me at

Best Regards
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To all Teleseni players
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